Presenting an evidence base

for enabling licence-exempt
access to the 6 GHz band
(5925-7125 MHz)




Since 2017, the Wi-Fi community has been advocating for access to new mid-band spectrum in support of the latest licence-exempt technologies, applications and services.

The Wi-Fi community strongly supports opening the
6 GHz band (5925-7125 MHz), while ensuring protection to incumbent services, predominantely fixed satellite and fixed services.

Multiple jurisdictions around the world are making all, or part of, the 6 GHz band available on a licence-exempt basis, while others have consultations pending. Standards and certifications are completed, and a variety of licence-exempt 6 GHz equipment is now available on the market.

This resource base has been developed on behalf of the
6 GHz Coalition, which is supported by multiple Wi-Fi ecosystem companies.

It hosts a range of resources, including from global associations The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance and
Wi-Fi Alliance,
to support policymakers as they consider how to best enable access to the 6 GHz band
(5925-7125 MHz) to achieve national broadband goals and maximise economic benefits for society.


Wi-Fi is critical
for connectivity

An essential part of broadband delivery, there are now over 16 billion Wi-Fi devices in use globally. Wi-Fi enables businesses to get work done and people to get online in urban, suburban and rural areas. A new generation of Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi 6E can enable a raft of new applications bringing both social and economic benefits. 

Need for licence-exempt
access to 6 GHz 

Companies can harness licence-exempt spectrum to develop new services. The current Wi-Fi bands
(2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) do not provide the contiguous blocks of spectrum for wider channels that will enable Wi-Fi 6E to deliver optimal performance for speed and latency.
With appropriate rules Wi-Fi can co-exist with fixed systems and other existing users of 6 GHz spectrum.

Realise the full potential of
entire 6 GHz band

There is an urgent need to provide licence-exempt access to the full 1200 MHz of the 6 GHz band to meet the ever increasing demands for broadband services and applications. Wi-Fi 6E standards are complete,  equipment is on the market and ready to use,  plus authorising licence-exempt spectrum in the entire band would  benefit mobile offload and backhaul. 


In many countries, the entire band (5925-7125 MHz) is now available.

Data correct as of 5th June 2023

Data correct as of 23rd Mar 2023.


Infographics and FAQ

Regionally focused infographics clearly outline the importance of allowing licence-exempt access to the  entire 6 GHz band now, as well as explaining how satellite and Wi-Fi can co-exist, harnessing the 6 GHz band to bring broadband to underserved areas.

The Case for Licence-exempt   6 GHz spectrum

MHZ Spectrum: The case for ‘No Change’

The Risks of an IMT Identification

Why Wi-Fi needs the full 1200 MHz

The rapid role out of Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E – A Game Changer for Education

6 GHz infographic,

6 GHz infographic,

6 GHz infographic,
Middle East

6 GHz

Satellite and Wi-Fi can share 6 GHz band

DSA: Ensuring Wi-Fi connectivity in Europe

Reports and Analysis

Shorter Reads explain policy issues and options related to enabling licence-exempt access to the 6 GHz band. Some are summaries of analytical reports. Longer Reads provide a detailed and well researched evidence to support decision making.

Shorter Reads

DSA report summary: 6 GHz licence-exempt. Why the full 1200 MHz and why now?

SenzaFili and Intel:Wifi7 –
The next generation in the evolution of Wi-Fi.

Policy Impact Partners: Spectrum Efficiency at 6 GHz – What to consider

Longer Reads

DSA White Paper: How do Europeans connect to the internet?

White Paper:
How to realise the full
potential of 6 GHz Spectrum

DSA report: 6 GHz licence-exempt. Why the full 1200 MHz and why now?

Wi-Fi Alliance study:
Global Economic Value
of Wi-Fi®

DSA: Accessing the economic value of unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band in Indonesia

DSA: Accessing the economic value of unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band in South Africa

DSA: Accessing the economic value of unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band in Nigeria

DSA: Accessing the economic value of unlicensed use of the 6 GHz band in Kenya

DSA: Valor economico de
6 GHz en Argentina

DSA: Valor economico de
6 GHz en Ecuador

Sean F. Ennis: Advantages of
license-exempt spectrum

Technical Briefings

In-depth analysis of specific technical issues.

Aruba: With Wi-Fi 6E, is it time to considera layered network approach?

Aruba: Technical guide to Wi-Fi 6E and the 6 GHz band

Policy Impact Partners: Analysis of Wi-Fi 6E and 5G Spectrum Efficiency at 6 GHz

SenzaFill: Sharing access to the upper 6 GHz band

Podcasts and Videos

Wi-Fi Alliance: Wi-Fi 6E: Expanding Wi-Fi into
6 GHz Spectrum (English)

Intel Technology: Wi-Fi 6E
Congestion Video Call

Intel Technology: Wi-Fi 6E Congestion Gaming Demo Video


Wi-Fi Facts and Figures

Wi-Fi Facts and Figures:
Arab States

Wi-Fi Facts and Figures:

Wi-Fi Facts and Figures: